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CUAC's Constitution








Article I:      Name

The name of this organization shall be the Cartographic Users Advisory Council.


Article II: Purpose

1 .  To improve accessibility, availability, quality, and dissemination of cartographic information, products and systems.

2.   To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information between the cartographic user community and the producers disseminating cartographic information.

3.   To increase cooperation and communication between librarians and federal agencies, and between librarians and other producers of cartographic information.


Article III: Membership


The Council shall consist of two Representatives from each Member Organization:

American Library Association, Map & Geography Round Table

American Library Association, Government Documents Round Table

Geosciences Information Society

North American Cartographic Information Society

Special Libraries Association, Geography & Map Division

Western Association of Map Libraries

North East Map Organization


Subsequent to the adoption of this Constitution and By‑Laws, organizations, subject to the purpose stated in Article II of this Constitution, may request membership on the Council subject to the approval of the Council.


While the Council leaves to the Individual Members the method of selecting their Representatives, it requires that the Representatives from each of the member organizations serve a three‑year term in order to provide continuity on the Council. Terms shall be staggered.


Each Member shall notify the Chair of CUAC, in writing, of the names of its Representatives as changes occur. Each Member shall comply with By‑Law Article II, (1) and provide timely notice to the CUAC Chair.

Article IV: Officers

1.   The principal officer of the organization shall be the Chair and shall serve a one‑year term as co‑chair and a one-year term as chair. The Chair must be a Representative who has served at least one year.

2.   The term of office for the Chair shall begin sixty days immediately after the annual meeting; the Incumbent may serve additional terms if elected in accordance with the provisions of By-Law Article II, (1).

3.                  The co‑chair aids the chair and will assume the Chair the following year.

4.                 The Chair will appoint a member or members to record meeting minutes.


Article V: Meetings

1.   An Annual Meeting shall be scheduled by the Chair in the Washington DC area.

2.   Council Representatives shall be notified of meetings at least 60 days prior to the meeting.

3.   Representatives are expected to attend all meetings.

4.   A quorum shall consist of two thirds of the voting representatives.

5.   Meetings shall be governed by this Constitution and By‑Laws and Roberts' Rules of Order, Revised, latest edition.  Matters put to a vote shall be decided by a majority.

6.   Special meetings may be called by the Chair or at least three Members. The Chair must set the date and location of a special meeting after consultation with all Representatives.


Article VI: Committees

1.         Special committees for the execution of particular assignments may be created and discontinued as specified in the By‑Laws.


Article VII: Amendments

1.   Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed in writing and may be initiated by any Representative.

2.   Proposed amendments shall be announced by printed notice. Mail ballots shall be returned within thirty days.

3. This Constitution may be amended:

a)      At the Annual Meeting or a special meeting, or

b)      By a mail ballot.

c)      By email ballot.

Article VIII: By‑Laws

1.   The Members of the Cartographic Users Advisory Council shall adopt By‑Laws, or may amend or repeal existing By‑Laws not inconsistent with the Constitution, by a majority vote of the Representatives in accordance with Article VII.

















Article 1:    Committees

1.                Members of committees shall be appointed by the Chair of CUAC, who will designate one of the committee’s members to be Committee Chair.  Persons who are not CUAC Representatives may be appointed to a committee at the discretion of the Chair of CUAC, although the Committee Chair shall be a CUAC Representative.


Article II:   Elections

1.         At least sixty days before the annual meeting, with the names of the new or continuing Representatives provided to the Chair by each member organization, the Chair shall announce these names by letter to the Representatives and ask for nominations for the office of chair/co-chair to be returned within three weeks.  These nominations will constitute the ballot to be mailed within one week after nominations have been received.  Completed ballots must be returned within a month.


Article III: Duties of the Chair and Co-Chair

1.         The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Cartographic Users Advisory Council. The Chair shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the organization and shall preside at all meetings.

2.         The Chair shall prepare an annual report of Council’s activities and distribute the report to all Representatives.

3.         The Chair shall create an Agenda for each meeting of the Council after consultation with the Representatives, and issue to each of them a Proposed Agenda at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The Proposed Agenda may be modified by the Chair upon the receipt of additional suggestions from the Representatives, and may be finalized at the meeting.

4.         The Chair shall review a draft of the Minutes of each meeting as submitted by the Recording Secretary (ies), make proposed amendments, and distribute the draft and any proposed amendments to the Representatives for their review. The Chair shall set deadlines for submission of proposed amendments and coordinate the distribution to each Representative so that an approved edition may be issued as early as possible after each meeting. When the final edition of the Minutes has been approved, the Chair shall distribute the Minutes to each Representative and all other interested parties.

5.         The Chair shall maintain a file of at least one copy of all Council correspondence, Agendas, Minutes, and any other CUAC material for transmittal to the CUAC Archives. The Chair may, upon agreement of the Representatives of the Council, appoint an Archivist to care for, service, and preserve the CUAC Archives.

6.         The Co-Chair will preside as Chair Pro Tem at any meeting, which the Chair cannot attend.

7.         The Co-Chair will aid and assist the Chair as needed.


Article IV: Duties of the Representatives

1.         Reports of the meetings shall be sent by a Representative to the editor of each Member’s journal for publication at the discretion of the Editor. Confidential information should not be distributed.

2.         The Representatives must confer with their Member Organizations, membership and officers according to the requirements of their respective organizations, on matters discussed by CUAC so that each Representative will be able to express the concerns of as many members as possible.

3.        It shall be the responsibility of each Representative to coordinate his/her Member Organization’s timely compliance with Article II (1) of these By-Laws.

4.        Each Representative is responsible for maintaining contact with his/her liaison agency(ies) and shall provide information on relevant agency activities to the Chair and the Council annually.