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Agencies Listing: 2001 Directory


Agency: Census Bureau, Geography Division

Acronym: CENSUS

Liaison: Thomas, Mark






Agency: Department of Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Aviation Systems Standards (AVN), National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO)

Acronyms: FAA, NACO

Liaison: Seldin, Daniel T.





Agency: Fish and Wildlife Service

Acronym: FWS

Liaison: Collins, Janet




Agency: Government Printing Office, Depository Administration Branch

Acronym: GPO

Liaison: Koepp, Donna






Agency: National Archives and Records Administration

Acronym: NARA

Liaison: Obenhaus, Bruce






Agency: National Park Service

Acronym: NPS

Liaison: Collins, Janet



Agency: Bureau on Geographic Names

Acronym: BGN

Liaison: Thiry, Christopher J. J.






Agency: Department of Housing and Urban  Development

Acronym: HUD

Liaison: Obenhaus, Bruce






Agency: Federal Emergency Management  Agency


Liaison: Stout, Paul





Agency: Forest Service

Acronym: FOREST

Liaison: Thiry, Christopher J.J.






Agency: Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Acronym: LC

Liaison: Pratt, Celia






Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Acronym: NOAA

Liaison: Seldin, Daniel T.






Agency: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Acronym: NRCS

Liaison: McLeod, Clara P.


Agency: Bureau of Land Management

Acronym: BLM

Liaison: Thiry, Christopher J. J.






Agency: Environmental Protection Agency

Acronym: EPA

Liaison: Furlough, Mike







Agency: Federal Geographic Data Committee

Acronym: FGDC

Liaison: Koepp, Donna




Agency: Geological Survey, National Mapping Discipline

Acronym: USGS

Liaison: Spohn, Rich




Agency: National Aeronautics and Space  Administration

Acronym: NASA

Liaison: Pratt, Celia






Agency: National Imagery & Mapping Agency

Acronym: NIMA

Liaison: Furlough, Mike